anon asked about fem!free! and ye, felt inspired


strangely relevant to this blog because their seiyuu are the same as athena and simon

Scary…When we talk, he turns it into a girl talk.


tell em usagi


listening to arctic monkeys makes you feel like ur an attractive person

"Always follow the young master’s instructions. Welcome the master every day with a nice, clean mansion…that is a maid’s job. When there’s filth here…I get rid of it!"


・゚✧ ☆ ♡ ah yes. the crazy little one ♡ ☆ ・゚✧ 

Everything they had to protect was long gone! They were so desperate to do it—they all died! ….This is how humans are.


snk challenge

day 6: favorite quote
"Someone who can’t sacrifice anything can’t never change anything… to defeat monsters, you have to be willing to throw aside your humanity."