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closet cosplay kiryuuin satsuki. i guess ? ? ? hi

▸ Yumikuri being canon appreciation post.


Shizume Week: Future

X years later…


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don’t touch me right now

hinata + floor

 Ch. 96:"The amount of time I have to deal with you is...
Eating a balanced diet is part of your training!

I’m not you! I don’t have any of that!


Gou-san! Please pay attention to me, not Yamazaki-senpai! Mikoshiba Momotarou! I am the star!


theory that when akira says the keychain is her first time receiving a gift from a man other than her father, she doesn’t mean that no man has given her a gift before, rather that it’s the first time she’s accepted one

bc lbr she’s hot and a queen and amon’s probably the first dude she’s met (other than her father) that’s she has a lot of respect for

Haikyuu!!   II   Oikawa Tooru (x)

mishimmamake me choose: tsukishima or oikawa

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